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Wings-utilities created to help WINGS community to have a quick access to FR, Bounty list. Every user can check own FR using URL: https://wings-utilities.com/myFR/{ETH_ADDRESS}. To claim bounty use rewards.wings.ai

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Meritocratic ICO Bonus Based on the WINGS Forecast Rating (FR) Reputation Score

Based on text and code repo at https://github.com/WingsDao/fr-bonus

WINGS Liquid Airdrop

Liquid airdrop of over 1 Million WINGS

WINGS Community Cares Program

250,000 WINGS allocation for 2018 🥚 🐣 🦅 EGGS version 2.0

Ethereum ERC20 Project Listings Community Rewards & Eggs v2.0 Launch

When we began to work on WINGS 2 years ago we anticipated that there would be 100s of new coins coming out each month, and we certainly…

Introducing the WINGS API Specification and Guide for Custom ICO Contracts Integration

Starting with Bancor’s Token Generation Event in June of 2017 until now the WINGS community has had been forecasting on the success of 44…

The WINGS Bug Bounty Program

Help and earn rewards up to 5000 WINGS

Riding the Wave of Decentralization

Financial services were just the start.

Blackmoon Crypto: ICO Forecasting Rewards & Project Update Following WINGS Evaluation

In late 2017, WINGS evaluated Blackmoon Crypto, a project working to bridge traditional and crypto investing markets. Blackmoon Crypto, and…

Introducing the ICO Supermind — The Left Brain

Our journey to build WINGS has an overarching theme which is to bring blockchain technologies to a majority of humanity. We believe that…